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About Muammar

Being a Marine for four years helped me realize my unlimited potential.  I realized that I could accomplish so much more than I thought was possible.  I could hike treacherous elevations for 25 miles with 70 lbs of gear on my back, I could finish a marathon not long after I torn my meniscus, I could cycle more than 100 miles in one day and I could swim miles and miles in the ocean whenever I want to.

All in all, being a Marine helps me realize that like can be so much more enjoyable when you are fit, strong, health and fearless.

I’m excited to help my clients realized their same unlimited potential.  I want to help them not only lose weight and look their best, but to become healthier, stronger and more fit.  Most of all, I want to help my clients to conquer their fear and to be able to perform the impossible.

One of my favorite quotes is “The Boldest Measures are the Safest”  Chindits Motto.



  • Former United States Marine.
  • Has helped transform the lives of over thousand of clients.
  • National Personal Training Institute Certified Trainer.
  • Certified Muaythai Thai Kickboxing Instructor.
  • Many years of experience in combat sports.