"Fresh off a hospital stay for a blood clot due to excessive weigh. I was approached by Mu’ammar and I was asked to commit to a fitness and nutritional program.  All he asked me in return was to give it my all, and that my life would totally change. It's been ten weeks and about fifty pounds and counting. Mu’ammar has helped me to get closer to my goal that is just to live pain and hospital visit free. I'm now of my meds for hypertension and I haven't felt so good in about fifteen years. It hasn't been easy, it's been a lot of sweat and tears but we're getting there. Mu’ammar not only is a great instructor but is a great man. And truly your success is His reward." -Javier F.

“We highly recommend Mu’ammar's dedicated, disciplined, performance approach. It works for beginners and really advanced exercise fanatics.  You will feel muscles you did not know you had, will have great time and get over your fitness blocks and hang ups.”    -Michael + Larisa.  Downtown LA

“When I'm in Mu’ammar's classes, he trains me as though I am going to fight for a world championship.  He pushes hard and always teaches techniques to make me better.”  -Matt H.

“Having practiced martial arts for most of my adult life I can recognize someone who has "skills". As a fighter, trainer and as a teacher, Mu’ammar definitely has them. I really appreciate his attention to detail when demonstrating and correcting technique while at the same time keeping the cardio and fitness at a high level. It's great to be learning authentic muay thai fighting technique and getting into the best shape ever at the same time. Many thanks.”  -Steve H.

“Anyone interested in improving their health  as well as their  physique, you should enroll in Mu’ammar's exercise classes. He knows his stuff and he also knows how to push you to go the extra mile. Awesome instructor and awesome person. You'll love him!”  -Roberto O.

“One of the first things I noticed was Mu’ammarʼs attention to detail; he closely monitors posture and form. He also encouraged me to establish my weight loss goal and mental focus, which has helped me in my everyday life of work and home. “  -Al G. Al's Full Testimonal.pdf

“I can't wait for my next bootcamp at Urban LA Bootcamp. If you are looking for a serious workout program, the Urban LA Bootcamp is for you. Mu’ammar’s teaching style is very unique. I could feel the difference in my body after my first 5 week session. My goal was to lose 2 lbs in the first session, and I did! Thanks Mu’ammar!” -Jenny G.

"I'm so happy with the results after 5 weeks of bootcamp.  I've lost weight,  I'm stronger and I have more energy.  Mu’ammar is an excellent instructor.  He's motivating, patient, knowledgeable and attentive to everyone's different fitness level.  I highly recommend this bootcamp to everyone who is serious about getting in shape."  -Dianne L.


“The urban bootcamp with Muammar was amazing. The first time I met him was for the diet consultation. He immediately started motivating me and telling me I could lose at least 15 pounds. He is a very humble and cool guy who just wants to see his clients reach their full potential.

The actual workouts were INTENSE!

Muammar pushes you to your limit, yet at the same time makes sure that you are doing everything properly in order to not get injured and to maximize benefit. He is meticulous and each workout is well planned out and is structured so that every week you will work every muscle in your body. I lost 16 lbs in five weeks and have never felt better. I have not seen this weight since high school and I am 37! I am getting ready to start my second round of five weeks. Do it, you will not regret it!”

Alex couldn’t do half of the workout when he started 11 months ago. Eighty-five pounds lighter, he can now run more than 8 miles non-stop.

He has participated in his first 5k kids run, 5k 80s run, 5k mud run and 5k zombie run.

He recently completed a half marathon with a time of 2hrs and 44mins. He’s also planning to compete in a Tough Mudder and triathlon in early 2013.

Amanda was not in shape and wanted to lose a few pounds when she started. Initially, she was not a runner and hated swimming.

Ten months later, she is 20 lbs lighter and recently participated in her first triathlon.

Amanda is currently training to run her first half marathon in January.

Amanda looks and feels fantastic and its all because of her new lifestyle.

Oliver could barely run a mile when he started nine months ago.

Now, 25 lbs. lighter, he is able to run more than eight miles non-stop and is in the best shape of his life.

He has earned medals from 5K’s and mud runs and is planning to compete in a half marathon and triathlon in the spring of 2013.